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Minutes November 2022


Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council

28 November 2022
By Zoom

In Attendance:

Eric Green (Chair)
Mark Gibson (Secretary)
Barry Butler (Treasurer)
Beatrice Farmer
Carole Whittaker
Bill Mowat

Guest: Willie MacKay, (Highland Councillor)

Apologies: Rob James
Henry Gunn
Bill Mowat

1) Minutes of previous Meeting and Matters Arising
The minutes were agreed. Proposed: Carole Whittaker. Seconded: Barry Butler.
2) Chairs Report
The Chair had nothing further to report

3) Treasurers Report
Councillor Butler reported that the change of bank was progressing now and that an
account had been opened and a chequebook had been issued.
It was noted that £1737.90 had been received from Foundation Scotland to purchase IT kit
and that the current account stood at £3807.27.
Councillor Butler noted that he had spoken to councillor James and that they would take
forward the sourcing and purchase of equipment according to the Foundation Scotland
Grant requirements.
It was also noted that a cheque for £1000 as part of the village officers fund had been paid
into the new bank account.
Councillor Green thanked Councillor Butler for his perseverance in this matter.

4) Secretaries Report
The secretary updated the meeting on various matter arising including issues surrounding
the doctors surgery. The Community Council recorded its disappointment that the surgery
had declined to send a representative to the meeting to address certain concerns that had
been raised. It was noted that any issues with the surgery should be raised with them
directly using their complaints procedure.
It was determined to consider inviting a representative of NHS Highland to the meeting
instead. Councillor Green would explore this possibility.

5) Transport and Infrastructure
Councillor Whittaker gave an update on matter concerning the airport and Transport
At the Transport forum there were some important issues raised and the minutes would be
shared when they were completed.
It was noted that Councillor Bremner had not attended and that there had been some
apologies for this important and high profile meeting, which he found concerning.
Substitutes at least should have been sent.
Councillor Mackay thanked Carole for attending the meeting and noted that her comments
were heard and making a real difference. Councillor Green also encouraged Councillor
Whittaker to keep plugging away at the issues that faced Caithness Transport.
The next meeting would be in March.
6) AOB
There was no AOB

Date of Next Meeting
30 January 2023

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