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Minutes October 2022

Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council

24 October 2022
Seaview Hotel, John O’Groats

In Attendance:

Eric Green (Chair)
Mark Gibson (Secretary)
Barry Butler (Treasurer)
Beatrice Farmer (by video link)

Henry Gunn
Carole Whittaker
Bill Mowat

Guest: Willie MacKay, (Highland Councillor)

Andrew Mowat (John O’Groats Development Trust)

Apologies: Rob James

1) Minutes of previous Meeting and Matters Arising
The minutes were agreed. Proposed: Henry Gunn. Seconded: Barry Butler.
2) Chairs Report
Councillor Green gave an update on discussions with the Caithness Voluntary Group on
the local plan. He would ask Julie Marker to attend personally at the next meeting and
some time could be devoted to discussing this. He noted that there had been some
changes at the CVG which meant that another development officer might be working with
us but that was not clear yet.
Andrew Mowat was also invited to the meeting on behalf of the local Development Trust.

3) Treasurers Report
Councillor Butler reported that the account was ready to transfer to Bank of Scotland. He
noted that Highland Council funding had now been received as well as the village officers
fund and we were just waiting for the windfarm grant to come through.
The account stood at £2069.37

4) Secretaries Report
Councillor Gibson reported that at the time of the meeting a reply had not yet been
received from Castletown and Canisbay Group Practice regarding the letter the
Community council had sent them. Councillor Green noted that we could invite someone
from NHS Highland Primary care to attend a future meeting as well as the Group Practice.
The Secretary noted that the grant application for information technology had been
approved. It was agreed to ask if Councillor James would assess our options and take this
forward for the Community Council. Councillor Butler agreed to liaise with Councillor
James on this once the money was in the account.
It was noted that the next meeting was on 28 th November and Julie Marker would be
invited. It was also agreed to invite Andrew Mowat as a representative of the local
Development Trust.
It was agreed to look at providing more benches and seating at various places in the area
and councillors were asked to consider where these should be placed. It was noted that
the bench art the Ness had been destroyed and was in need of a replacement.
It was noted that a meeting had taken place with Allan Leech and that a formal process
was in place to access JOG Development Fund (car parking) money for local
improvements. Priority was given to expanding the local walking trails.
It was agreed to congratulate both the Seaview Hotel and the Last House, John O’Groats
for attaining listings in the new edition of The Good Beer Guide.

5) Transport and Infrastructure
Councillor Whittaker reported that she would attend the next meeting of the Caithness
Transport forum on the 15 November 2022.
There was a discussion about the need to improve the road between Inverness and
Caithness as it had suffered from a number of accidents in recent months and was a
lifeline route fr the people of Caithness. Councillor Mackay noted that Caithness
Councillors were about to push for improvements around Helmsdale.
Councillor Mackay also noted that the poles which were necessary to repair the road sign
at Keiss had arrived.

6) Area Plan
This had been covered earlier on the agenda.

7) Report on the Activities of the John O’Groats Development Trust
Andrew Mowat, Secretary of the John O’Groats Development Trust gave an update on the
recent work of the Trust. This included:

 4 pushbikes and 2 children's bikes available for free loan to the community and
 The Visitor App was almost ready and would be available in Android and Apple
 Discussions were being had with the Caithness Disability forum with a view ot
having mobility scooters for loan
 A second parking meter had been installed but was suffering from poor internet
connectivity. It was hoped that this would improve soon
 Applications had been made and were pending for fund to extend the coastal path
further Eastwards
 A grant for a Sharing Shed had been applied for and this would likely be located at
John O’Groats Hall, accessible to everyone.
 General maintenance had been carried out on both the coastal path and the
signage. Arrival signage was planned to be replaced in due coarse
 The Toilets at John O’Groats would be given a cosmetic upgrade
 The Finn the Orca book was on sale at John O’Groats.
 A main part of the |Book Festival was due to be held on the coming weekend.
 Play park funding efforts were continuing
 The main car park resurfacing had been completed and costs covered
 Three electric vehicle charge points would be added to the car park shortly.
8) Any Other Business
Councillor Mowat noted the excellent Antiques Road Trip programme which had featured
John O’Groats.
Councillor Butler noted that the cattle grid at Dunnet seemed to be damaged, He had
reported this to Highland Council using the online form but had heard nothing back.
Councillor Mackay asked him to report direct to Jonathan Gunn as this was a quicker way
to getting resolutions.
Councillor Mowat raised changed which were happening at Meygen. He would forward
documentation to councillors following the meeting.

Date of Next Meeting 28 November 2022

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