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Minutes March2022

Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council 

28 March 2022 

by Zoom 

In Attendance: 


Eric Green (Chair) 

Mark Gibson (Secretary) 

Beatrice Farmer 

Henry Gunn 

Carole Whittaker 

Andrew Skene 

Highland Councillor: Jill Tilt  

Guest: Julie Marker (Caithness Voluntary Group) 

Apologies: Barry Butler (Treasurer) 

Robert James 

Bill Mowat  

1) Minutes of previous Meeting 

These were agreed. Proposed: Henry Gunn: Seconded: Beatrice Farmer 2) Chairs Report and report from Caithness Voluntary Group on Local Plan 

Councillor Green welcomed Julie Marker of the Caithness Voluntary Group to the meeting and invited her to speak on the work that she had done in regard to the Dunnet and Canisbay Local plan refresh. 

Julie presented an outline of the how the plan might look and the methods of consultation that would be needed to identify priorities. This document would be shared with the Community Council for written comment in two weeks. It was agreed that comments on the plan should ben sent via the D&CCC mailbox. Julie would update things depending on comments received and a debate could be had at the next Community Council Meeting. 

Julie also shared the schedule of costs for the work and the consultation. The Community Council thanked Julie for the work that she had done thus far.

3) Treasurers Report 

In the absence of the treasurer there was no formal report. However it was noted that the transfer to the new bank was well underway. 

It was also noted than an application to Foundation Scotland had been made in respect of IT kit in order to facilitate hybrid meetings (both in person and Zoom). The bigegst expense was a specialist conference speaker which would overcome the problems of zoom attendees hearing the proceedings. 

4) Secretaries Report 

Councillor Gibson thanked Jill tilt for the information she had provided on land mapping. It was noted that when the maps were available then the information might well feed into the local plan development, so this was quite important. 

Highland Councillor Jill Tilt then gave an update on her report. This included: 


White lining will hopefully start in mid May. Two more operatives would be trained shortly on the  pothole machine. The Council is waiting on the JCB trainer to come north. That would give more  opportunities for more holes to be filled as there is one trained operative at the moment. 

£195million needed to bring our roads up to scratch, £26million to keep them in a steady state and  £31.5million allocated. That was with extra money found within the budget. 


This will start again on 19th April officially. Still waiting on the land maps for community growing. JOG/WICK AIRPORT 

PSO Sub Group are wanting to disband but Councillor Raymond Bremner wants it to continue until they have established funding for Wick/Edinburgh flights.  


These will hopefully start up shortly. Problem has been that the practices are reliant on students and  their placements were suspended due to Covid – they lost a years training, so hopefully that will be  back to normal soon. 


This is open to over 65s and disabled and either homeowners or private tenants. Examples are  changing lightbulbs, replacing toilet seats, fitting chains and peepholes, unblocking sinks and baths, fitting hand rails and other adaptations 

Jill noted that she was not standing for Highland Council in the forthcoming elections.

Eric Green expressed the view of the Community Council that Jill had been a very diligent councillor and attendee at Community Council meetings; always answered queries raised and had been a very great help to the Council. The Community Council wished her well for the future. 

5) Transport and Infrastructure 

Councillor Whittaker gave a report back from her attendance at the Caithness Transport forum.  

Councillor Green noted that it was good to see flights coming back to Wick and that much credit was due to work at Highland Council. 

Councillor Farmer noted that although out of our area, a number of local people had contacted her worried about where the entrance to the Old Mill at Castletown might be and if it would be on the blind corner. It was noted that the planning process would likely cover this issue. 

6) Any Other Business 

Councillor Gibson noted that according to one Highland councillor, it had been decided to spend all the money for Ward three play parks in Wick. Both Councillor Gibson and councillor Green noted that this might indeed be a logical decision, the point was that it was not consulted on.  

Councillor Green noted that Caithness councillors could hardly complain about decisions taken for Inverness without consultation when the same is done in Caithness. The matter should have at least gone to wider consultation. 

Councillor Farmer asked for the Bins to be brought back to the car parks in the area as visitors were now arriving in some numbers.  

7) Date of Next Meeting 

The next meeting is Monday 25 April at 7.30pm by Zoom and in person at Canisbay Hall.

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